Friday, January 19, 2007

Want some FUBAR? Think "" !

Some of you may have noticed that my old blogspot address: will automagically forward you to now.

One more small step in my quest to OWN the market for FUBAR. :) For a more clear explanation for my plans for the fubarrio site, I reprint (without consent, neither expressed nor otherwise) this exchange I had with "Copperhead" on the sociedadsouthron site:

Copperhead wrote:
So the trip to Chile was basically FUBAR? Hmmm how ironic.Glad to have you back in town T.Copperhead,

fuBarrio wrote:

All part of my master plan to OWN the word "FUBAR" in the customer's mind. While first mover advantage went to the GI's in WWII (I think), the GI's diluted their brand equity by associating with too many things. I, on the other hand, am completely committed to being "first in the mind" of the consumer when it comes to "FUBAR"....therefore everything I do is FUBAR, including my "vacations"!

Imagine this scenario:
(mr. "grey flannel suit"): "Honey, kids, I'm home!"(wife in pearl necklace and heels): "Hello honey, how was your day at your nondescript paper pushing job in a nondescript manufacturing facility of some kind that could only exist in late 50's TV land?"

"Great! But I'm famished...what's on the stove?"

"Oh...well, Jimmy's little league team won today and I'm thinking we should take the family out for a treat of FUBAR!!!"

"that's a great idea, honey, but where can we get FUBAR here in pristine safety of our homogoneous suburb???"

"why, at ....that's where!!!"

"That's great!"

....I'm still working on the jingle."


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