Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Everything has proceeded as I have foreseen"

In a little reported bit of news Ben Bernanke told Congress that the Sh*t is "en route" the fan....

Duh. And yet, I find no joy in being "right"....again! :) Yeah, I know. Not exactly an act of clairvoyance on my part. Third grade addition, accounting 101, and a 14 year old's insight on human motivation leads one to the same conclusions....I think if I was Bernanke, instead of testifying before congress, I'd just re-enact the SNL bit, "stop buying stuff you CANNOT afford".

While it's clear that there would be even less joy in being wrong (again!), especially as my money is at stake, I truly don't wish for the US to continue on the well-worn path to overexpansion, overspending and eventual empire collapse.

All of these conflicting thoughts have led me to consider a "career" change.

I know what you are thinking, "but fuBarrio, 'unemployed' isn't really a career is it?"

Technically, no....but let's set that aside for the moment. I need to find a career that will allow me to "change the world". Of course, as I peruse my resume it becomes apparent to even the self-deluded that I have no marketable skills.

Given the small "no marketable skills" hurdle I immediately consider a career as "fascist dictator". And, given my location in a small, cohesive latin american country, I think I'm on to something! After a little further research however, I learn that "charisma" is one of the contributing factors to a successful run as fascist dictator....

After discussing these facts with Golden Lotus, we determine that my utter lack of sincerity, likeability, bathing habits, hair, or an army big enough to take power by force, would probably make my "fascist dictator" aspirations difficult to realize for the time being....Besides, given what we've seen in the US, it seems that nepotism plays a big role in the "fascist dictator" position placements....sigh....

For now, I guess I'll have to be happy with Sith Lord.

ciao for now,

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