Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pigs get Fat...

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

The line goes something like that. I think it's supposed to be an analogy to warn people to not be "too" greedy.

But, what about chickens?

Beyond the obvious symbolic significance of these animals, it turns out that they have "standing" in Chinese astrology, where a twelve year cycle is symbolized by various animals. Next year, 2007, commencing in February, is the year of the Pig.

Dorothy Kosich in her part-in-jest article entitled “Will Chinese go hog wild for gold in 2007?” noted the Year of the Pig is the last and luckiest year of the 12-year rotation of the Chinese lunar calendar, and is also, by coincidence, a year related to metals on a five-year elemental cycle. Given that pig years are considered to be the lucky years, the combination of the year of the pig and a metals year could well stimulate some demand for precious metals – gold, silver and platinum.

While it's hard to believe that birthyears can effect temperment, the Chinese seem to believe it. Some "hardcore" believers will even tinker with their reproductive cycle in hopes of having a baby born in the year of the dragon.

It comes as no suprise to many who know fuBarrio that he was born under no such "lucky star". fuBarrio it seems was born in the year of the "cock" (curious it wasn't the year of the dog). While he sometimes acts "cocky", it's usually just a cover for his true chicken self. At times, the Chinese are kind and refer to the chicken as a "phoenix" and make it sound exotic. But, if it walks like a chicken....

So what does all this mean?

If you've been playing along at home, you may have noticed that fuBarrio's aggressive gold buys a couple of weeks ago are now up about 5% (605ish to 635ish).....so if he sells now is he a pig, or a chicken? If he holds on for a bigger move is he a pig or a hog? And furthermore, don't all three basically get slaughtered anyways?

If fuBarrio was always this accurate and timely with his calls, he could easily triple his money each and every year without leverage or funky derivative instruments! In probably 8 or 9 years he would own all the money in the world and mint gold coins emblazened with his image from his independently governed oil platform conveniently located offshore from a massive state-side twinky stash.

Unfortunately, he is not very accurate at all....hence the landbased address, late-night posts bordering on lunacy, and lack of faithful fuBarrio images on numismatic gold pieces. In fact, if fuBarrio's typical accuracy holds true, he should be right about as often as he is wrong and should end the year of 2007 with about a 5% gain (all gained in the first 3 weeks of the year). Even more unfortunate, fuBarrio's accountant (Golden Lotus) informed him that a 5% return on $57 is less than $3, and that is probably only good enough to sustain him at his current rate of cash consumption for about an hour and a half.


However, fuBarrio has a plan. He is going to leverage his calls in a desperate hope that he will be correct. His hope is to DOUBLE his money on one right call this year and make enough to offset the ravages of inflation on his food stamps' purchasing power.

How does fuBarrio intend to pull off a DOUBLE on one correct move? Tune in tomorrow....At the very least, this could be good for a healthy dose of schaudenfraude.

ciao for now,

p.s. for anyone taking these comments seriously, please note fuBarrio's oft-mentioned first theorem of bad luck, which in a nutshell states that anything fuBarrio is cocky enough to mention in his blog is probably ripe for a pullback in price!


Anonymous said...

When you return from Peru Id like to know how much your cousin cost!
You need one and you may even deserve one.

FuBarrio said...


part of our aborted trip to chile included plans for a "side trip" to peru to visit machu pichu

in retrospect, it's a good thing we didn't do it...may have been "locked in" to the national monument, for "protection" sake in a mixup, and not allowed to leave!