Friday, September 08, 2006

Pony-walkers Wanted

Looked out the window the other day to see a guy walking a bunch of ponies on leashes....kinda like a dog-walker in NYC or something. Of course this was down a rather urban street -- it's not like we live in the "rancho" or anything.

Golden Lotus managed to get a shot with the camera before it ran out of battery power (more on this later). I'll post it when able.

Tomorrow, in keeping with the domesticated animal theme, we will be attending an "animal exposition" somewhere outside of the city apparently. That sounds a lot more glamourous than "county fair", but i have a feeling that's what we're going to. "cuatro-hache", cotton candy, and copious amounts of fecal matter i'm sure. GL positively LOVES animals but sometimes seeing animals meant for slaughter or endentured servitude in a farm can get a little depressing....we'll see how it goes.

So back to the camera -- for all the times i've gone to asia with adapters/converters, etc., for some reason i didn't even think about it before we got here. I *guess* it's because mexico's power is like ours --- and everything south of the border is just mexico and stuff like mexico, right? :)

So, we get here, and the outlets are squirrely and of course everything is 220V. My laptop is equipped to handle it, but our camera and my razor cannot. since there is no radio shack here, and no one i speak with seems to have any idea where i might get a converter, i remain on the hunt.

As my favorite poster of all time states: "Sometimes your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others"' -- so don't come here with state side electrical devices without a converter, 220 capable electrical devices, or a better understandin of where to conseguir a convertador than me.

My posts have slowed down a bit, I've been a bit busy finding new and inventive ways to lose money in the markets.....Funny how losing money always seems to take more time and attention than making money when trading.



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