Saturday, September 09, 2006

GL's update on the fair

buenos dias! its saturday morning and fb is still sleeping of course, and i am sitting in the front room drinking el chana coffe (that i made with my new coffe maker fb bought yesterday for me). so far i have some sort of morning routine, have some toast with yummy dolce crema de leche and waiting for fb to get up, make him and i some healthy breakfast and then go back to sleep. nice routine huh? i am trying to get out more and explore the city, but sometimes i just want to stay in and spend time with fb (he says we spend time always, but he is usually pulling his hairs out watching the computer).

anyways, yesterday we went to the fair. i thought it was out of town and more in the country, but no just a few blocks away in another neighborhood. tita lucia picked us up around 9:30ish (did i mention she is really sweet) with her driving dude. of course thinking i would get sick as always i took two draminmines (spell check) and was just a litttle looppy.

we drove by prado which use to be an upscale neighborhood, with crazy big homes with elevators. it was about two streets worth of really awsome sight seeing.

when fb and i were back in california we checked out some internet site that had this one amazing home with all these vintage tiles and really nice dark woods. yupe, you guest it we saw the house and it was really amazing from the outside. the backyard of the house was the old gothic church that looked like something you'd see in a vampire movie (scary!). we found out that tia is the realter for that house and maybe some time in the future we could see it in side.

back to the fair, fb paid the tickets and it was i think like $3 americans per, we started our way into a large barn kinda building and saw really really really really really big bulls! wow! double wow! they were all neatly tied row by row in a small very small standing area (have no clue how to describe it) the cowboy dudes were brushing them and they looked at me and i freaked out! they did not look very happy they did not look very sad, just a blank look not knowing what is going on and why are all these people looking at us look.

i felt bad. really bad. i thought the fair was a show for dogs for some reason not a show for animals that may be eatten. of course i did not want to be rude so i tried to think about something else as we passed row by row to some animals that may be eatten the next day or hour. (not to offend people that do eat meat)

anyways, we visited another barn building and saw cows that were of different colors, brown and white, black and white, grayish, brownish, and baby cows. they looked a little more comfortable then the bulls their stalls were a little wider so they could at least lay down. we saw one trying to sleep, it was really cute. those cows were so so so so so so big, fb told me if i ever heard of a phrase as big as a cow, yes, and i never knew till yesterday what it meant ( i still think i am not clear on it, ha ha ha).

then we went into a barn with sheep! bah ah ah! wow! i've never seen sheen up close and personal before, they were a little scared of me or i think i was a little scarred of them. they look like some rap stars' girl friend with all that wool covered from head to toe! their stalls were a little bigger than the bulls also, but smaller then the cow's. they did not look very happy either. another stall had some sheep that were shaved with their babies cute! double cute!

you know, somebody once told me that taking an animal's life away is the same as taking the life of a plant. well, no no no and no. a plants life does not share blood with us, nor does its heart beat and worry when possible danger approaches its young. a plant does not kick and make wailing sounds when you try to hurt it. it does not look back at you with eyes just like yours (color blind maybe or weirdly shaped, but still eyes) and is so scared it poops.

anyways, i lost my train of thought, i know some people might think darwinism, but hey i am for saving the animals and letting natural nature take its course not human nature. (not up for debates!) or maybe, yes if i am in the mood to put my debate hat on)

so, moving right along, we walked by a another street area and saw really really really really cute baby goats. brown and black stripped. ah, so cute i wanted to steal one and set it free or at least find its mommy. it really liked me cause it let me pet her or him and the other baby goats just played and played. this one was just born like eight days ago and it was so so so so cute and friendly so innocent to what danger he or she is entering into. anyways, i think they get really big when their older, but still really cute.

then we saw horsees, i dont think they eat horsees, i think they ride horsess. really really big horsees. one of them let me pet him or her. it was brown and covered with some sort of jacket thing. it was really friendly and i saw it close its eyes from time to time while i was petting its head. i want one!!!! or four!!!

id set it free and let it roam around a really big big big area and make sure no one goes there!

then as we were leaving we saw a really big black cow with a baby following along. ah, i had to stop and so did tia to admire its young. the mommy cow was not very happy with that so she was mooing alot and then i had to walk away, but the dude holding her leash thing said to go ahead and pet the baby i did not want to but fb said go so i slowly looked at the mommy cow and said its alright (she probably doesnt understand english) and then i showed her my hand and started to touch gently the head of the baby. the baby did not seem to mind, he, was so so so cute and so black ah, he looked at me and was like whats up? then a crowd came in and all hell broke loose, the mommy cow was like moo moo moo and the baby cow was trying to get away so we walked away. opps!

then we left. ah!!! cool i just saw the pony walker dude walk a bunch of cute brown and white ponies. i wonder if they are pets or what? we dont necessarily live in an area where there are big backyards we live like san franciscoish without the hills and with poop everywhere. so i wonder where they live? i'll have to ask the pony dude next time i see him (of course, in spangalish)

ciao ciao


ps i wonder if i should wake fb now, humm...


Anonymous said...

Hi,they do eat horse in Japan and they eat it raw (basashi) same as sashimi.My son tells me its good.I have always passed.
They also eat dog all over S.E Asia
and China.Brought my son to an outside dog BBQ in Hanoi last summer and he passed.This is a kid that tried beetles,bugs and grasshoppers in Thailand.Guess everyone has a line.
After looking at fbs photo, think I ran into him somewhere in Asia or he was on the menu.
That is one Ugly hairless dog!
Been hypnotized by your blog since I found it 2 days ago.I want to thank you.Was stuck reading that thing written by the Christian Right and Charleton Heston.Been trying to get to BsAs for 2 years,then changed to Uruguay but, Shit Happens.
If the lady makes tofu then she must have lots of fresh Soy Milk.Oshi!!(delicious) b

FuBarrio said...

Thank you for checking out the blog!

Old saying about the Cantonese: very industrious people...they can do every job, but zookeeper! :)

Actually, that was one of the reasons I wanted to pass on Asia (for living, fB still enjoys his visits there) and try out Uruguay.

I wanted to check out Ankor Wat last time we were there, but the Cambodian's propensity to barbq hairless doggies that look like me made GL veto the idea.... :)