Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our "barrio" (neighborhood)

The street we live on is relatively "busy" -- it is divided by a median in the front, and it is one of the main arterials for moving about Montevideo.

We aren't on the water, nor do we have a view. However, I noticed while on the upper terrace (aka roof), that we have what US RE agents would describe as a "peek-a-boo" view of the water :) -- I can almost read the sales writeup now! (if you still don't see it look to the right of the tip of the red chimney)
While walking back from a walk yesterday I snapped a photo of one a quaint street. They don't all look like this! But, a street that looks like this is not considered "rare" here either. The guy on the bike is delivering food (more than likely). Many, many nice restaurants deliver here.

Golden Lotus captured the shot below outside of a corner market. This is *very* common for the local corner store (very very small stores) to have fresh fruits and vegetables. a state-side 7-11, which averages about 3 times the size, you're lucky if you can find orange fanta for a fruit, and relish for your hotdog to make up your "veggie group". I guess they need all that floor space for the "hostess" aisle.

The ease (acceptability) of walking and the "euro" diet really seem to show up in the waistlines down here. There just aren't as many heavy-set people. I know, you're thinking "you mean diet and exercise play a role???". I guess my point is, it's not difficult to do here. It's just a natural part of the lifestyle. It's not some conscious (difficult) thing you have to do everyday. It just happens.

The guy with the horse is doing garbage collection. While I've seen some big trucks empting dumpsters, a majority of all the garbage collection is done daily by what seems like a large "fleet" of working horses.

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