Friday, September 15, 2006

Good News...We're "Zombie Proof"!!!

storm shutters half-drawn on one of our back windows

Good News, everyone....Golden Lotus has informed me that our home is "zombie proof". :) Uh....those of you that know Golden Lotus well know that she was being as serious as someone can be when announcing such a feature.

Aside from having a heavy front door, living in a second floor flat, and possessing a flat roof with no exterior access (good for standing on top of and watching the masses of flesh eating undead staggering and limping through the streets of Montevideo I suppose) we have *storm shutters*.
Storm shutters seem to be a common feature of a lot of homes in Montevideo and are controlled by a pulley system inside the house. Lots of people pull them down at night. I like them because they help me sleep in a bit (until the neighbors noisily draw their's up each morning at 8ish). In addition, I have the fantasy that the storm shuttters help keep some heat in the house at night.

So, not to brag or anything, but ON TOP of being relatively safe from northern hemispherical thermo-nuclear war and the resulting fallout -- now I find out that we are "zombie proof". I bet you're all green with envy.


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