Friday, September 08, 2006

"Er....would u like a side of meat with that?"

The "animal exposition" was pretty much a county fair.

GL had misunderstood our host and it was actually IN montevideo. It was just in a different neighborhood "Prado".

"Prado" is a gorgeous old neighborhood. It was the original "upscale" residential neighborhood in Montevideo, and u can tell. The homes date back to the 30's and 40's when South America was blissfully neutral, selling their beef to the combatants in WWII, and clockin' mad cash.

So, what did we see???

Lots of cowboy gear in booths, some cheezy "country" booths where importers would show off their wares -- the CHINA area had a booth with adacious (hideous) toilets and bidaes (sp?) -- one of them was completely gold in collar (barf), LOTS OF COWS....OMG....LOTS of cows.

I now know the difference between a Jersey and a Holland. We've saw some beautiful horses, sheep, goats, etc.

Let's see....highlights you ask??

Highlights were probably the baby sheep, a jet black baby cow walking down the "street" with her mama (7 days old) and a "litter" (?) of baby dark brown and black goats -- 5 or 6 of 'em outside a shop selling goat cheese....cute and friendly little guys.

The weather was beautiful, and I'm hoping for a repeat tomorrow.

We returned home around 2:30 to see that I'd lost another small fortune in the market during my absence as "Valero" continued to tank mightily....oh least it looks like gasoline will be cheap for a while for all my American friends. Heaven forbid they have to sell their SUV's, carpool (gasp!), or actually slow down on the freeways! :)

All for now.

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