Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Uruguayan Dryer

Electricy is not cheap and western style dryers are rare here. Many apartments in Uruguay have small rooms off to the side of the kitchen that often house a small washing machine and an area to hang clothes (to dry).

Most of the houses and top floor apartments have roof access for the express purpose of hanging wet laundry. Here you can see some clothes being hung out to dry in the dead of winter.



Urufish said...

Nice shot... if that was today.. it was windy and cold... getting colder too.. takes forever to dry in cold, humid air.
We always hung clothes to dry in all the years we summered here. Warm months are great. Lots of wind. Dry. Clean air. Smells great. Hanging clothes in MVD in the winter is not quite the same. Cold, damp and dirty air. Make sure those clothes are pulled off the line before the apt buildings turn on their gasoil furnaces around 6-7pm.

happynz said...

It's the same deal here in Christchurch, but the problem is that many homes are heated with woodfires. Not good unless you like your clothes smelling like a campfire.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'd never thought about us not having dryers. I've never had one...makes me feel so third-worldish.

Wait. Uruguay is third-world-ish.

Nice blog you have here. Keep up the nice work.