Monday, July 09, 2007

First Ever "Fubbies"!

The last few weeks I've been looking around as time permits at some other Uruguay bloggers' work.

Ack!....Humbling I guess is about all I can say.

When I was first trying to research Uruguay in late 2005/early 2006 there really was very little in the way of information (especially in English and/or written from a Northerner's perspective).

I found a few random comments about ciudad vieja being packed with prostitutes (not especially so), cab travel being expensive (depends heavily on your version of "expensive" -- my 10 minute cab ride to work is 3 dollars) and Uruguay being a little bit boring (ok, 1 out of 3).

After arriving and discovering (being shown) the Southron's seminal blog, many others have either become known to me or sprouted up around the same time.

I'm going give a "shout out" to a few newer blogs (well newer to me) which I haven't talked about a lot here in the hopes that you can visit them and get something out of them. God knows, I don't have the energy or talent to write as completely and informatively as these bloggers. So, here is to hoping that there blogs will pick up where I've obviously "left off".

So, without further adieu, the first three "Fubbie" award winners!

Brazzie's Blog
Chuck Stull's Blog
Urufish's Blog

There are many others as well....These three blog's however blow me away in their depth and value and I haven't/don't talk about them enough. If for some reason you stumbled onto my blog and would like to know more about Uruguay and less about Uranium Miners (or whatever the Hell else I'm bloggin about) check these three out.


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