Thursday, July 26, 2007

Montevideo Shopping's "twin towers"

In a "city" of 1.4 million, this is what passes for "twin towers".

The first time someone gave me walking directions to "Montevideo Shopping" (on of the malls) and told me to just walk towards the "twin towers" I got lost in the neighborhoods. These things don't exactly loom over everything in the immediate area.
During these colder months, and especially on the weekend, the malls are almost unnavegable as all manner of aimless citizens wander the halls like mindless robots as a way to get out of the cold. In the meantime, Montevideo's popular beaches are almost completely deserted.
The malls here aren't "vertical" like Hong Kong as you might imagine while looking at this picture. They are between 2 and 3 stories. These office towers were just constructed as part of the "complex". As you may be able to see, there has been some ongoing construction in front of the towers to create, what looks like, at least one more sibling for these twins.

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