Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I Blame the Public Education System"

To be fair, the public education system is "free" (paid for with footballers' taxes, ha ha ha) for all residents of Uruguay through PhD/MD, etc.
Since the govt has taken it on itself to educate the people I found the picture above I took on the way to work mildly amusing this a.m.

To those that don't speak Spanish, the following says, "738 for our government". If you're wondering what 738 means, the nearest i can make out is that it's like a subgroup of the ruling party (think like "teamsters local 39484") -- only problem, "nuestro" is mispelled "Nustro" :)

Of course, given that I haven't used my spellchecker once since starting this blog, and in my last entry i called "fubies" a "fubbies" maybe those who live in glass houses shouldn't find such humor in honest mistakes :)



happynz said...

Count me in as another reader. I must be what, number four or five?

He he he...

Anyway, keep up the good work.

j.p. in ohio said...

I don't know how much stock you put in other people's opinions, but I thought this might interest you...

fuBarrio said...


glad you enjoyed the blog. i'll try to step it up a little bit since my readership just grew by 33 percent.


nice find!

yes, as i say in some earlier posts, uranium in *definately* dot com 2.0. it's a bubble and by definition will grow to ridiculous levels and then pop leaving a bunch of people holdin the bag.

most uranium companies will never become producing mine.

the trick, i would argue (and do sometimes), is that as long as your feds keep printing money and credit like mad, tryin to find and ride bubbles up is one of the only ways to thrive. (though, admittedly very dangerous)

the "trick" for knowing when to jump out, i believe, is when people who have no business knowing about or investing in uranium are telling you about uranium juniors.

listen at parties, listen to mainstream news, cab drivers, barbers, your mother in law, etc. when they start talking about yellow cake (or don't give you a confused look if you say, "U3O8") then it's gettin close to time to "bail" -- all in my opinion obviously.