Friday, July 06, 2007

A Note about Commercialism on

Some of you may have noticed that my writing, while more frequently lately, isn't really full of the same rage and indignation that typically fuels my twinkie-filled meglamanical rants.

And yet, I seem to be post more often....Some kind of irrefutable proof that less *is* more?

Well, you may have also noticed that there are a bewildering number links, like the Benefits of Offshore Banking which really don't go into any great general detail about the "benefits of offshore banking" (yet). They are really links to sites that fuBarrio has a commercial interest in! (gasp!) "The horror (whore) or it all!"

Before you think that I'm trying to convince my Uruguayan readers to do business with my Banking compatriates (when we are forbidden to do by law) or trying to get my stateside readers to order OdeFusion authentic asian food in Montevideo, the reality is easier to explain -- and yet, no less sinister and mercenary!!! :)

Google has the interesting "issues" where its algorithm will weight a link with search terms in that link from a "trusted" site before it will a new site. So, effectively, I'm often times just tryin to get some new pages to index and link in the google (or other lesser) search engines for a search term that I feel accurately describes my website.

So, when you see things that look like blatant attempts to lure my 3 readers into a commercial relationship with fuBarrio, that's not exactly it.....though no less blatantly commerical! :)

ciao for now,

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