Monday, June 04, 2007

Some Pics!!!

I went to our local version of "walmart" (Geant) here in Montevideo to look at washers and dryers.

I snapped some shots of the trip out the window during the trip. These aren't the best pics because of the conditions (moving car) in which they were taken, but i've selected the best of the worst for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are good.

Did you find large capacity washers and dryers at Geant???


Offshore Searcher said...

hey dottie! how are you doing?

unfortunately, i don't know if i can go with the "large capacity" washers and dryers because my apartment's space is "low capacity" :)

i noticed (for all those who are wondering) prices for such things are a little on the ridiculous side (especially if you want a good name).

i'll end up getting them in "centro" (downtown) for cheaper than the geant from what i've seen.

i'll end up spending 800-ish for the washer and dryer altogether (i think)...which might now sound outrageous if you're from the "first world"...but wait until i show you want you get for that....looks like a washer and dryer that someone would have on an RV or something :)

if you are moving here and buying or renting (not furnished) it won't come with either washer or dryer....also....lots of people with roof access balconey or a line out their window just dry their clothes like that here....electricity is comparitivly expensive.


Anonymous said...

And also, if you have the money to buy a drier in UY, you probably have a maid to hang and iron your clothes for you. So the drier becomes unnecesary.

fuBarrio said...

yeah...good point about the maid. certainly in previous rentals that had access to rooftops and patios it wasn't even a consideration here (for the owners).

those with a northamerican mindset for the cost of labor are constantly caught "offguard" by the cost of labor being cheaper than the cost of machinery and energy.

i remember my amazement at shack "manned" with one or two people selling coke or candy -- in really lightly trafficked areas in china circa 1994...until it dawned on me the cost of the person was a lot less than a coke machine and reliable power.