Thursday, June 14, 2007

"all work and no play...."

So, I've been working a lot lately....and frankly when you are working as much as I have been you don't have:

  1. a whole lot of cool pics to put in your blog
  2. a whole lot of interesting things to write about in your blog, or
  3. a whole lot of new thought to express in your blog :)
As it gets more "winter-like" the days are getting shorter here....I think we are about a week away of hitting the equinox and enjoying some longer days.....I tend to leave for the office around 9, so it's usually light outside on the way to the office....but my evening commute usually looks a little bit like this:

Tonight, Golden Lotus would like for us to check out a new "fusion" restaurant in our neighborhood....fusion is an entirely new concept in'll still find very well educated/travelled baby boomers who've never had indian food, for instance.

I'll give you a review tomorrow, and luck and camera batteries permitting, a couple of photos.



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