Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Mulling" things over in Montevideo

Granted, I may be a little "out of step" with the wit:

1.) i am old
2.) i've been in south america for the last year

However, after about 6 years of calling for a full-fledged mullet revival in the US, it seems that South America is in the lead.

Why call for a mullet revival? (p.s. in case you have been living in a cave this is what a mullet is: was mostly based on the cyclicality of fashion....i figured it was so out it was bound to be in again soon....and the youngsters who would bring it back never lived through the horror of it all the first time around.

i saw the early stages...the re-emergence of punk-wear immediatly preceding the evolution of the mullet in the late 70's and then early 80's (genesis of the 'bi-level'/mullet)....however, i never really saw the mullets being kicked hard until i got down here.

I've even managed to capture a few of these mullets on film! ..but you'll have to wait until i can get a couple of them from GL's computer....and a couple of friends' cameras.

Bein curious, i asked a few people....what's up with all the "canadian passports" and "soccer cuts"? Is the revival early in South America? I got the answer, "dude, it never left!" .....the bizarre thing is that this is not just relegated to guys working on hemi's named the spanish equivalent of "cletus" in the interior....fashionable, young ladies....otherwise perfectly put together will sport some pretty crazy mullets down here.

When i get back to the states I wonder if I'll see the same thing anywhere outside of the "Castro" in San Francisco (?)


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