Monday, June 25, 2007

Montevideo, Uruguay feria

A couple of shots that I thought looked "pretty" that Golden Lotus took at the Nuevo Pocitos "ferria". Basically (if i'm spelling it right - it turns out i wasn't it's "feria"). A feria is a street market. During the week, various neighborhoods have them to sell honey, eggs, cheese, fruits and veggies....think "farmer's market".

On the weekend, the bigger ferrias have farmers markets combined with crapfest flea markets.



Lucia said...

Feria ;)

fuBarrio said...

it makes sense that i would get the "rr" and "r" sounds mixed up as i'm apparently the only person outside of some rare african tribes that communicate in glottal clicking noises that can't "trill" two r's.

Gracias Lucia,