Monday, June 18, 2007

Mulletudes in Montevideo

I previously blogged about the unusually unfettered mullet population roaming freely on the streets of Montevideo.....while it may seem odd that a bald dog is commenting on anyone's hairstyle, it is merely my effort to inform with "paws on the ground". in case you've been in suspended animation the last 8 years, this will explain what a mullet is:

In the states (when I left) the mullet seemed relegated to three main categories:
  1. "old school" butt rockers trying to hang on to the 80's (see "dog the bounty hunter")
  2. lesbians, and
  3. female co-eds from Japan.

Here, however, it seems pretty mainstream. While at the mall, I snapped off some "unauthorized" pics, that in retrospect seems a little mean. I'm not trying to "make fun", but merely enlighten my three readers as to what the "scene" is here in Montevideo....So with that in mind, I'm now on GL's computer so I can retrieve completely authorized fotos GL took earlier this year.

Ok...granted the pic here of a dude is with more of a faux-hawk, mad-max redux than a classic i'll have to work to get some "authorized" straightup mullet....just trust me...they are quite common.

In general, she would walk up to people and explain that she loved their hair and wanted to get a picture of it....clearly this is easier to do for Golden Lotus than a bald dog with an attitude problem.

ciao for now,

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Anonymous said...

One of your 3 readers replies:

I guess it´s all part of the 80´s fashion trend.

The mullet (called "cubana" and some other term i can´t recall now) has been the hairstyle of choice among rugby players and other high middle class brats for a long time...they will be forever stuck with The Ramones.

Note that the long mullet inspired by Whitesnake, Guns n Roses, Poison and all those is the cheesy one (long mullet) whereas the punk rocker mullet (short) is the cool one. Take a closer look and you will know what I mean.