Saturday, June 07, 2008

fuBarrio Services Scheduled for Sunday

Services for the enigmatic "devil dog" known as fuBarrio have been scheduled for this Sunday. At the request of the public health department, it will be a closed casket ceremony.

"Hey, there are going to be little children there," the Montevideo Director of Health and Human Services was reported as saying. "I mean, there's no reason to traumatize people."

Curiously, fuBarrio reportedly has never looked better. "I don't think I've ever seen him so peaceful. I guess it took his death to release his twisted view on life out of that poor corpse," Golden Lotus, his long-time caretaker, said during a press conference.

At the request of "conspiracy theorists" worldwide who followed fuBarrio's paranoid rants, authorities have not ruled out 'foul play' in the death of fuBarrio. A complete autopsy has been ordered however, results have been delayed after the medical examiner assigned the fuBarrio case quit under protest of inhumane working conditions.

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Anonymous said...

I heard it was a suicide due to his embarrasment over his drunken Hillary proclamation. Geez!! It wasn't like he never called any future events wrong before. I guess this one just got to him really bad.
Check out this article before you bury him:
University of Pittsburgh Brings Dead Dogs Back to Life
He could either come back better than ever or it could be a "Pet Semetary" type of situation.