Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Beautiful Soul, A fUgly Mug

Montevideo, 8 June 2008, AP Newswire - Mourners remembered fuBarrio today in a ceremony that characterized fuBarrio as a "beautiful soul"

Many of fuBarrio's friends and family - typically reclusive characters - were in attendance.

fuBarrio's only son, pictured below gave a stirring eulogy, that in typical fasshion, glossed over fuBarrio's many and varied flaws.

In addition, fuBarrio's daughter regaled fuBarrio's generosity. She even recalls when he accidentally tipped over 7% at a restaurant due to a calcuation error...He realized it while in the parking lot and reluctantly decided not to go back in and demand change.

fuBarrio's friend, clyde, amused guests at the reception afterwards when he did an impression of fuBarrio after going into diabetic shock after consuming too many twinkies in a manic binge after Ben Bernancke used tax payer money to back bad debts of Bear Stearns for JP Morgan

Among the guests were well known stars of screen and cinema, including pepe, whose likeness has been used for many movies including the gremlins.

fuBarrio's brother who despises crowds, people, flying and ceremonies made the sacrifice to make a special trip out

Fubarrio's uncle Ted drank a little too much of the Patricia Stout and spent the majority of the reception "sleeping it off".

The importance of the event even brought out fuBarrio's boss, who admits to hating "these kinds of get togethers"

Most guests seemed unwilling to discuss the suspicious nature surrounding fuBarrio's death, or were feigning ignorance as to the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

While police have not been able to rule out "foul play" surrounding the death of fuBarrio for now it is being attributed to natural causes.

"Look, that mutt had a big mouth, and an unforgettably fugly mug. That's not going to make you a lot of friends, so it's a little early to rule anything out" said Ernest Bauman, the detective in charge of the investigation.

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