Wednesday, December 13, 2006

That *was* my Good Side.....

Recently it's been brought to my attention that the picture in my profile didn't capture me at my most "cuddly"....The words are commonly phrased something like, "damn that is ONE UGLY DOG"

In an attempt to show my "good side" I enclosed another photo recently taken in support of my upcoming media blitz.

Mind you, this is a very recent (and untouched) photo, so hopefully before it get published in my press release the artists will blot out some of my age spots! :)...but as Golden Lotus reminds me daily, it's up to me to let people see the warmth in my heart!

ciao for now, your faithful servant.


Anonymous said...

FB,looks like you need a good brushing!But on the whole much more appetizing.

Anonymous said...

I want to share your photo with friends in Viet who will be DROOOOLING when they see you.
peace NOW,b

FuBarrio said...


yes, it's entirely possible that my vegetarianism was fueled by a rational self-preservation instinct more than some more difficult-to-explain (from a darwinian perspective) love of all creatures.


alan said...

Warmth in your heart?

Perhaps. But I say it's fire in your eyes. LOL

Good gawd, where dat dawg come from?