Monday, December 25, 2006

fuBarrio's Colon-ectomy

Obviously, given fuBarrio's canine like tendencies, it was only a matter of time before, he would be driven to "sniff out" a place called Colonia (Culonia?).

Colonia sits west of Montevideo, on the Plata river, a one hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires.

While a little bit touristy, and the main streets were a little bit overrun with scooters and trucks driving by slowing with giant speakers advertising crap that Argentinian tourists must buy, Colonia was downright pleasant.

It turns out that Colonia is no"hole" at all....

fuBarrio had imagined that there was a mixup at the hospital where south american cities are born. Buenos Aires should be called Colonia and vice versa.

However, once I realized that Colonia had something to do with "colony" and Cristobal Colon, his suggestion letter to Colonia's local chamber of commerce seemed a bit silly.....

ciao for now,

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