Monday, December 04, 2006

GL was wrong!!!

Hi. Golden Lotus here.

Hola peeps! sorry for not writing so long. i have been lazy. anways, on the topic of being wrong. i was and am wrong, for those that know me very well i hold very strong beliefs, specially about Tibetan Buddhism (TB) and his Holiness (HH).

okay, so for a long time i lived very a "strict-path" so one of the aspects of what i thought was the right "path" was to stay away from eating any kind of meat. i did. i also did not have any leather goods or fur.

however, in doing my research and studies about TB i realized that they were and are big meat eatters. Ha! so much for right path thing GL!!! even HH eats meat. so, who am i? noone special just a human being like the other meat eatters out there trying to survive.

HH says it's important to have a open mind and beable to work with what you have. i live in a wonderful country that just so happens to be one of the top countries for meat production. and, here i am trying to figure out how i am going to prepare food for fb and i.

well, i think, that if i am trying to pratice TB i should practice it right, which mainly focuses on compassion towards all sentient beings and so on and so on. so, there. i am wrong. for those of you who might of got offended by my last post. sorry. i am only a simple human being.


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