Monday, February 18, 2008

Free Internet Marketing Advice

Well, in actuality, here's some free advice that goes beyond just Internet marketing: you get what you pay for. :)

While I'm never shy about handing out unsolicited advice -- a fun little habit that has scuttled many a job interview prematurely -- I haven't been as active about it here on fubarrio in recent months.

The reason, alas, is that it seems that the original "raison d'etre" of fubarrio, while a bit meandering, had been relegated primarily to:

  1. what's it like living in Uruguay as an expat, and
  2. trading your way into the poor house with faulty pattern recognition brought on by senility and greyed out eyes desperately in need of cataract surgery.
While I sprinkled in some "edgy" statements here and there, there really isn't much controversy left in any of my "predictions" -- with the possible exception of HRC getting the dems nod -- one of my "gut feels", poorly researched at that :)

Lately, I've been watching the markets and the happenings in the states a LOT less, and the bear case in alot of markets has been taken mainstream by reality slapping the bulls in the face.

The reason I'm not following things so close is that

a.) the turn is in hand and the trend is in place....watching the trend unfold (especially in resi real estate) is goin to be like watching a slow motion train that will take about 10 years to "play out" IMO. In fact the ramifications will be felt until the last participant in the insanity dies....maybe even afterwards if they can shake any sense into their grandkids before they leave this rock.

b.) i've been really busy with my pet project here in Uruguay -- turning this sleepy cow country into a booming offshore financial centre.

(Ok, well, admittedly, this place isn't really ready for spite of having some outrageously beneficial laws relating to bank secrecy, they also have this little problem of red tape making it an outrageously expensive and SLOW place to do business.)

In spite of that, I march on like a committed soldier to certain stress induced illness and perhaps death in trying to rework the internet marketing at my little company.

Now, I've learned a lot in the last year -- mostly about what a fool I was in regards to Internet marketing. And, if I could go back in time with 20/20 hindsight I'd probably do things a little bit differently. However, in spite of all this, it turns out that I have a lot better grasp on this whole Internet marketing thing than a lot of the people who really need this knowledge. So, I'm constantly being asked questions from friends and associates for how to "improve" what it is they are doing.

This primarily comes from companies in "startup mode" before they've realized that they already known everything :)

Ironically, these guys don't have the time money or inclination to go out and get someone who can truly help them, regardless of how desperately they need it.

So, what I'm beginning is yet ANOTHER blog, to jot down some of my findings, foibles, unsolicited advice, and war stories from the world of internet marketing.

A quick search of the term "internet marketing" will turn up a "brazillion" hits because there is big money (apparently) in selling flailing entrepreneurs internet marketing secrets, tricks, schemes, etc.

I'm not selling anything. This is purely, free internet marketing advice. Worth every penny you paid for it. :) However, I will attempt to make a solid effort to be honest and open and forthcomin with some of what I've found, what I still struggle with, and what I've burned the last year of my life dealing with so that you won't have to (hopefully).

As an aside, this sort of thing may be generically interesting to the less well-off (or younger!) fuBarrio readers who dream of expatriating themselves, but are "stuck" in financial situations where there income is not very portable.

As a Controller/CFO/CTO of startups in silly-cone valley, I had created a decidedly NON MOBILE work profile.

Trading, and later this whole internet marketing thing, were just my response to get out from under the tyranny of the hour-long commute while paying out massive amounts of my "hard earned" income in (housing) debt service, and crazy Cali-taxes to what I felt was a fascist regime.

If my "other" project can help someone get the confidence to take the plunge, or save someone from one of my fubars....all the better.

I will still attempt to articulate some thoughts on uruguay, trading, and the financial world at large through fubarrio, but I'm starting the other project as a place to point people who want to know about the place I spend the other 20 hours a day :)


p.s. as an aside about my other blog. two obvious things i'm doing wrong:

1.) never link to your new blog until you have it setup on a unique URL. i own the URL (without the blogspot stuff) but i'm too lazy to set it up right now, and

2.) think thrice before you name a site (or a product or a company) some cutesy "pun". people will constantly be mispelling your name. 'tis much better to come up with something unique never before coined and "own" that name.....what can I say, I'm a sucker for a pun.


fuBarrio said...


i'm noticing a bunch of "comments" which are really machine generated attempts to get theme relevant back links....or me telling google and the other search engines that if you want "free internet marketing advice" you should go to this other site....

wondering why my one post was gettin attention, i went to google and searched the term: free internet marketing advice -- and fubarrio and my post comes up #10...on the front page....out of 9.2MM entries.

this is an incredibly competitive space...imagine if fubarrio (the whole site) was really a site focused on free internet marketing advice :)

what's the point i'm making?

for now, blogs are an incredibly important tool for getting ranked. you wanna rank a site, start a blog. not even thinking about ranking a site..start a blog may come in handy later :) older, bigger blogs get more "play" in the eyes of the search engines the way the current algorithms work.

a lot more of this on my site devoted to marketing stuff referenced in the article (i'm too lazy to setup the anchor text and tags again) :)

Visio Guy said...

"...never link to your new blog until you have it setup on a unique URL..."

Amen! I think I moved my blog to three different freebie sites before seeing the elegance of ponying-up $12.95 (or whatever it costs) to do it right. Still cleaning up ported-posts and image links to this day!

On a positive note, I see that is now actually a site about politics, doh!