Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Inverted Cup and Handle

I'm sorry, I've been very busy lately with work and preparing for what looks like life without fuBarrio, the rabid bald snaggletoothed dog.

It's starting to look VERY likely that betting my (online) life that Hillary would win the demo nom was a pretty stupid move.

If she and Bill don't pull a last second miracle, this blog will just be a bunch of commercial postings for helping some sites I work on rank a little better (hopefully). I'll be posting any and all editorial commentary on a separate site that I've registered -- and life will go on without the blind dog.


Ok...what this post is really about though is that ANOTHER inverted cup and handle setup in the dollar over the past week or so and (predictably) it failed to hold again.

I'm just hammering this post out before i eat during my lunch break, but my hope is that eventually you start to see some of this "order in disorder".

You can see, as the technical analysis Gods predict, that you see a dramatic move to the downside the second that support is broken.

(as an aside in the political prediction markets, Obama's chart formed a big right-side-up cup and handle....and burst to the upside when he beat hillary in WA state (i think it was).

Anyhow. the dollar chart is's a bit choppy to be called a "true" cup and handle...but i still think if you squint real hard you might be able to see it....the support at 75 before breaking down. If you like, refer to my earlier treatise on cups and handles, why they may be predictiive and inverted cups and handles as they relate to the dollar index.

OH....yeah...almost what to do? look for exploration and production companies (oil) gold miners (who are in production) and people who make or service people making food. a decent way to ETF into food and avoid company risk is ticker: DBA.

Sorry...lots to say, not much time.

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