Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bad Year to Stop Sniffing Glue....

My arrogance *may* have finally caught up with me....

I made a drunken proclamation earlier last year that Hilary *would* be the Democratic nominee. As if that wasn't stupid enough, I staked my "life" to it, saying that I would give up blogging under the fuBarrio psuedonym if it didn't come to pass.

Ironically, I also predicted that John McCain would be the Rep Nominee to a different friend.

How the worm has turned. McCain came out of nowhere to take control and Hilary is reeling.

Now, in my defense I wasn't following the race as an expat and had never heard Obama speak. I was betting my bet on the Clintons being coniving and a little bit crazy perhaps.

After Hilary *won* New Hampshire (her first comeback so far) I heard Barack speak for the first time....in a concession speech.

I had a feeling that my dog liver was cooked at that point. He *sounded presidential* to me....even in defeat.

A mix of MLK and a Kennedy almost.

Now, that said, my slim hopes of keeping this website alive as anything other than an empty shell of commercialism and a dead link farm lie in the sinister minds of the Clinton camp. Surely, they can drag out some photoshopped images of Obama sharing a cigar with BinLaden in a Pakastani strip club or something (?)

I know it's just talk -- and there isn't much a politico can do but make more trouble -- but the irony is this barack guy is the best chance for the US keeping up its spirits when things suck over the next few years.

I truly do hope he wins the demo ticket, for the sake of the US.

For the sake of fubarrio, i hope those scheming clintons have kept one hail mary up their sleeve for the final push.




Anonymous said...

Obama would make a great Toastmaster, as he delivers well paced, content-free speeches. "We need to get the kids off the video-games". No sh#@! What's your plan?

My head pounds with a resounding HOW? the whole time he is speaking, there is not one example of how we'll get to that sunny horizon.

"It's gonna take a lot of work..." What kind of work? Should we all go out an just start digging ditches? Will that up those SAT scores?

C'mon Obama. If you wanna build a new America, you're gonna need some concrete...examples!

fuBarrio said...

ah yes, you are a wise one indeed "anonymous"

the reality is that none of these politicians really have the solutions for any of the "problems" except for maybe..."spend more of our money not fixing it"

i guess the point is, never underestimate the power of a well paced, content free spech (?)

remember slick willy..."i want to build a bridge into the next milleneum....will you help me build that bridge?" :)

even if they actually had the answer i'm not sure any of them could actually tell you in a speech without coming off like ron paul who clearly does not appeal to the masses...just people like me.