Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hillary (O)bomb(a)s in Iowa


My fat mouth *may* have finally caught up with me. Obama cleaned Hillary's clock in Iowa -- jeez even that populist farce Edwards beat her out.

Well, rather that get all hopeful that Americans have wised up to the ways of the Clintons, or put much stock in a few thousand farmers, I'm going to wait until a few more states have finished their primaries.

If you'll remember, fuBarrio made 'drunken proclamation' (too lazy to find the post) where I bet me "life" Hillary would find a way to subvert the Democratic process and get herself nominated.....In a more sober moment later, I decided that I would stop bloggin under the fuBarrio nameplate forever if Edwards or Obama were able to nudge her out.

...who's definately looking more likely this week than last. But I don't want to get too excited yet....

Now, what'll really be interesting to watch in NH (other than the dems) will be Ron Paul's support and whether or not the mainstream media acknowledges it or not.


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