Monday, May 07, 2007

A day with the Relics....

This Sunday afternoon GL and I spent a day with the relics.

And no, before I get flamed, I'm not talkin about hangin out with the usual cast of retiree types who frequent the Sunday expat get togethers. (har har har)

Golden Lotus and I went to visit some tibetan holy relics that were in Uruguay as part of some the basement of the uruguayan version of the YMCA (i think).

Golden Lotus has been in bean curd heaven as she has been the official chef this last week for the monks traveling with the relics. GL has her nascient food delivery service deliver all the meals to the monks during their stay.

Good thing for them I think as I learned they are "vegetarian, striving for vegan-ism". Speaking from experience, eating without animals can be pretty challenging in this part of the world.

The relics themselves mostly consisted of really small "pieces" of ancient religious leaders, etc. noticed one labeled a peice of a tooth of buddha's elephant or something (?) they had a really nice layout and setup though with lighting, drapery, music, candles and rice leading a path into the space....better than the "ymca basement" makes it sound.

i'm glad i went and GL was really happy to be there and get a prayer from one of the monks.

sorry no fotos as it wasn't really a good place for cameras.


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