Sunday, April 08, 2007

Uranium at $113/

ok....the little birdie got *some* verification.

i found a link citing the same price's the same original source however and "only" 100k pounds worth. crazy price advance given it was at 85/lb just a couple of weeks ago. looks to be parabolic by my reckoning.....i wouldn't short it be would suprised if we didn't see *some* retracement and backing and filling -- at least back down to the low 100's again...

here is the link and entire story from australia....the only place where the uranium story seems to be mainstream.

Uranium to $113/lb.

and, in unrelated news, today was of course easter and the end of semana santa in uruguay. things will hopefully return to normal tomorrow as i need to go get my visa stamped at the department of naturalization (or some such govt agency).


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