Tuesday, April 10, 2007

fuBarrio Fall Programming Schedule

Ok....so a friend of mine was looking over my site today and i think her exact comments were, "dude....your site is 'hell-a' boring"

hahahahha....oops! :)

I tried to explain it away as "demographic targeting" and a conscious decision by the fuBarrio programmers to go after the high networth, low volume, high value transactions.

Truth of the matter though: I'm a pretty boring dude, and this is a pretty boring country! :)

The only time *any* excitement gets stirred up is when I inadvertently consume too much junk food, rage into a sugar-high, and I become my alter-ego, the grisled, blind, bald, spotted, fuGly dog, known as fuBarrio.

Given 37 years of serious overindulgence in all things "snack cake", I've built up a massive tolerance. That, coupled with the sad fact that twinkies are still not a staple in the Uruguayan diet, fuBarrio's appearances are on the "wane" lately.

Even so, let's face it, politics, housing, rare earth element pricing and raging against the Federal Reserve, aren't going to win me any nielson points with the genY set. Damn, there's that "lack of charisma" thing biting me in the ass again.

And yet, it's best to know what you are....Let's face it, CSPAN can't compete with "pimp my ride".....come to think of it, CSPAN can't compete with the test signal that comes on at 3 a.m....

So, on that note, I would like to announce.........

This fall's new fuBarrio programming schedule:

1.) Overthrow of the Government (any that piss me off -- in no particular order), and
2.) Gambling with money I can't afford to lose!

The first series of topics will point out why all government is evil, without any real solutions for making it better.....other than shrinking the size of government at all levels until they are completely off of my wave.

The premise for the second series of posts is quite simple. I can afford a $50k house in Uruguay. $50k houses don't appeal to me, and the construction noise in my rented apartment appeals to me even less. So I will take the $50k that I could have/should have purchased a humble home with and make trades (posted as near to real-time as possible in an attempt to triple my money before my lease is out. :)

Think of it as a "live demonstration of what can go right and what can go wrong when gambling with 'money that you can't afford to lose'". Of course, it will not be nearly as active as if I wasn't working, but I work during market hours now, so there won't be as many intraday transactions as you might otherwise see.

Please only follow along on the second series for laughs and maybe a healthy dose of shadenfruede....Don't follow my trades unless you are willing to lose all your money. What I'm doing is ill-advised and really just a 'goof' more than anything because those kind of trading gains necessitate taking really foolish risks to accomplish....as you will shortly see :)


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