Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yeah....uh.....What was I going to say?

So, after week on endless week of waiting, fuBarrio is once again unleashed on the world at large and free to post all his meaningless, mindnumbing walls of text.

Have you ever had something really important to say, and then foolishly waited for someone else to pause to inhale midsentence before interrupting?....and then forgot what it was that you wanted to say?

STOP THE PRESSES!!!! fubarrio has nothing to say...So, without further adieu, I give you Golden Lotus for today's post:

hello everyone golden lotus here!

i am so sorry i have not written in a long time. for those of you that i know besitos, for those that i dont know huggs.

okay since i have recently converted to the dark side (fubarrio edit: eating meat) , i have had the experience of getting ill and also not getting ill.

so for those that would like to purchase good meat in montevideo, i would suggest that you not buy your raw chicken, roasted chicken, or stuffed chicken at disco or devotto (fubarrio edit: grocery chains in montevideo)....or that chicken place called "c" something. it is not very clean and i'm not sure how long the chicken has been sitting on the counter.

so far, the meats that are pretty clean and fresh are at tienda (fubarrio edit: "tienda inglesa"). go there. i have not had the chance to go to geant, so i dont know about them. oh yeah, and be careful buying your seafood. seafood in the grocery stores is not very fresh (frozen) and i dont know how old the seafood is. you can not do the "sniff and scratch" test on the fish. so be careful...i have a fresh fish dude (monger i think is what he is called) and they have like a seafood resturant, id go there. if you want his info, just ask me.

and, dont get your chicken, fish, meat, and whatever type of meaty thing in the ferrias, unless you want to risk yucky, poopy, vomitty, and lose like 15 pounds a day.

i think that is why i am so skinny now...

that is all.



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