Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This just in!!!

fuBarrio is STILL without Internet in his house!


not exactly news, i know. i have some stuff to post, but can't just now.....i need the internet to do a *little bit* of fact checking before i spout off.

latest news is that i'm supposed to have a connection "manana". :) we'll see. until then, absolutely nothing has changed in my opinion about the markets (metals, energy, equity, real estate).

the trend is your friend.


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Lee Ann said...

sorry i hit send.
i have same situation here with "mananna"... lol... i think its the national mantra.... lol...
Thankfully we finally got our internet after 1.5 months and lots of begging to hurry it up. The main problem is outdated equipment and lack of connection ability and having to try so many sets of equipment and waiting for the newly ordered equipment to arrive.