Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Hammer TIme"

fuBarrio stirred momentarily this morning, at first thinking that possibly it was his head still pounding from an evening of libations at the Southron’s house cheering on Copperhead’s ill-fated Chicago Bears. But, that couldn’t be. The “big game” was Sunday and this was Tuesday morning.

While fuBarrio has been quick to praise Montevideo’s “dense” living….principally because of the benefits to having walkable neighborhoods and commercial centers. The price of such lofty platitudes are that when your upstairs “neighbor” decides to hammer out the tile, plaster, and pipes in their bathroom at 8am, rest assured the cinderblock acts as more of an amplifying noise medium than a barrier of any kind.

By 8:30 fuBarrio was wide awake, grumpy, and busily outlining his “manifesto”, browsing online for single room cabins deep in the Uruguayan interior, and packing a suitcase full of hoodys and ’74 Elvis shades. Unfortunately, after several attempts at Google, fuBarrio could find no way to implement the “mechanical Internet”, and started suspecting that going “off the grid” might have negative repercussions.

After several more searches he found a cookbook whose main ingredients tended to be wheatgrass, twigs, berries and tree-bark. Much to fuBarrio’s dismay however, after trying to master recipe #37, “sea-foam filled coral-sponge”, he started to lose hope for finding any kind of hostess Twinkies analogue in nature….Strike two.

The third strike came when the guy at the gun store told fuBarrio about some b.s. “7-day mandatory waiting period” for M-60 sales and .30 caliber ammunition in excess of 15k rounds would have to be back ordered…..Holy cow…move to the other side of the world and the wheels of whole JIT delivery systems start falling apart.

What was he going to do now?

A frazzled fuBarrio was chewing nervously on his back paw, cataract-encrusted eyes shifting nervously about. Around the time fuBarrio was looking for even more dangerous alternatives to a radical luddite existence, our landlord called and told us the construction on the upstairs bathroom would “only” be going on for about a week, and if he needed a peaceful place to work he was welcome to come over and use her home office – complete with AC and ADSL.

The day is saved!

Overpaid technologists can go about their otherwise meaningless lives creating mindless gadgetry and solutions in search of problems free from fear from fuBarrio’s destructive creativity. The news was so good and timely that Golden Lotus decided not to press her luck by asking if the landlord happened to have a week's supply of Twinkie snack cakes on hand.

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