Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things....

So far I've been pretty complementary regarding my Montevideo/South American experience. In fact, something triggered in me this weekend and I'm starting to feel like this place is my "home" -- maybe it was the awesome weather. Don't be too envious, the skies opened up this afternoon and soaked GL during her walk.

Since we are still "up in the air" regarding how long we'd like to eventually stay, I thought I'd list some things that Montevideo is "missing" that would make it "perfect". Obviously, not all of these things would be possible. Of course, the absence of some of these things are what makes it Montevideo.

I plan to look for "solutions" to some of these "issues" if we decide to stay for longer than 6 months. From this list, you can get a better idea of our lifestyle....most of you probably wouldn't even miss most of these things

Friends and Family -- duh. Of course, having a spare bdrm and an open door policy could help
CNBC --- "someday" maybe these guys will stream their broadcast on the web -- I'd gladly pay.
Cable and a DVR (easy fix if we stay long term).
Naked Cutletts -- Quorn-brand vegetarian food
Permanent Residency Status on my Visa
A part-time job w/ some income :) -- pay here is *really* low, so although this will offset some expenses it is mostly to get involved more in the community.
A MSFT "ergonomic" keyboard
A university that teaches undergrad science courses -- preferrably in English! :)
A barber I can trust -- my locks were shorn last month
A gym with free weights in my neighborhood -- I can't believe how much trouble we've had finding one that is still open -- weird.
A good volunteer job in the city -- more community involvement.


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