Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Season Comes to a Close

Hi everyone.

Today is Golden Lotus' birthday. January the 10th traditional marks the end of the holiday gift giving gauntlet for fubarrio, and I documented some of my struggles coming up with decent presents for everyone while so far away in my blog entry about family films and edited movies on my sister wordpress blog.

To be fair, there is still February the 14th to figure out, but we'll figure that out as it comes.

In other ground-shaking news we are leaving the comfy confines of punta carretas soon and will be relocating the entire family (including midori) sometime in the next 60 days.

The fact that I'm not real sure where we are going should be enough to give an ordinary person some degree of alarm, but I'm sorta over 'planning' things because things inevitably change.

Golden Lotus, Midori, and I will come to some conclusion in the next few weeks, if only to make sure that our Laborador is able to get on the plane with us and we will tell you more once I know more.

Take care, and happy holidays.

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