Saturday, January 24, 2009

Like Spain....with Bad Haircuts

As we try desperately to fire up the Irony Generator here at fuBarrio Studios, I'm forced to share some random thoughts that occurred to me over the last couple of months.

While the venerable R David Finzer describes Uruguay as "Iowa with a Beach", or "Eisenhower's Iowa...with subtitles", I think I prefer the title of this blog entry:

Like Spain...Only with Bad Haircuts

While it's true that this time of year there are a certain number of the glitterati that descend on Uruguay, generally speaking there is a relatively large component of the country -- young and old -- that seems decidedly more "unique" in their fashion sense than Western Europe.

Evidence of this could be found in my OWN haircut.

The last haircut I got here, I reluctantly went to some kid that Golden Lotus had researched for about a month. She assured me this guy was tops...

So, I showed up at his "salon" - hip, groovy, energetic, YOUNG. Ok, clearly I don't have to opt for the red food-dye look so I'm not to worried.

I spend about 15 minutes of my life that I'll never get back looking at some cheesy "haircuts" book/magazine. Now, if these are enough to give you a gag reflex where you come from...imagine looking at one of these in latin america!!! :)

I pointed out one that looked reasonable, for a man of my advanced age :) He nods his ascent and obvious understanding...and then proceeds to cut my hair like everyone else in this country....Somehow lost in the 80's...not your rick springfield "mullet"/"bi-level" but rather a ratty Pat Benetar 1980 look where it's thinned out and stringy at the edges.

This was the look that was so bad that made people think the mullet was a better replacement!!

At first I thought it was part of the natural progression back to the 80's ala the retro movement...and I'm just too old to appreciate its reappearance. But, when I watch TV or movies from the US, the kids' hair looks "normal" and "nice". So, I have to conclude the time machine of hairstyles known as Uruguay is unique to this planet...or perhaps confined to the southern cone of south america (one can hope).

Anyhow, since then I've just flatly refused to cut my hair here.

The result has been completely catastrophic....something between homeless person and mental patient....You can see in the above self-portait that i took about 2 months ago that the back was starting to flip up like one of Carol Brady's looks of "The Brady Bunch" -- The really funny thing is that when I go in public I don't get any funny looks. :) Just another horrible haircut in a sea of faceless bad haircuts.

Lest anyone think I'm a clothes horse or fashionista of some kind, I spend most of my time in 10 year old tech-company t-shirts and sandals....Clearly labeling myself as a burned out techie retread without the stockoption money to afford nicer techie-burnout clothes.

That's pretty accurate! :)

Ciao for now,
Uruguay Guy

p.s. Yes, I understand this post is pretty freakin' useless without some images. I'll try to add some this evening. The primary purpose of this post is to blather meaninglessness to get my blog recognized by the engines as bein back in business again.

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