Friday, January 23, 2009

fuBarrio is Back in the Saddle

Like Weekend at Bernie's Part III, the indomitable defies logic and improbably rides again!

OK...decided to spend some time fiddling with my godaddy account and see if i couldn't get this whole DNS resolution thing sorted.

I finally had to use a different computer to get a page that was built using flash to load on my screen (grrr...) which had the key to what I needed. What a fiasco that was.

Anyhow, there was so much crap to blog about over the last couple of months, I can't really go back and address it right now in such a frazzled state of lets just say...this is my attempt to win my way back intot he heart of google.

If I google fubarrio right now, my homepage is "POOF" disappeared -- a la the Argentinians.

I'll post some meaningless thoughts to alert the engines to my presence, then fuel up on some medialunas this weekend and start another rant :)


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