Thursday, November 20, 2008


When you're an expat with spotty slingbox coverage you get some extra time to tune into the "fringe" element on the internet.

I've probably seen every youtube/googlevideo conspiracy nutjob video on the planet -- along with some really good educational stuff.

Well, the last couple of days my slingbox was fritzing again so i was cut off from enjoying my "dancing with the 70's tv stars after extreme makeovers" reruns and i got to watch Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist (2hrs ish) and the addendum (another 2 hours) is a total and complete tour de force.

If you've seen or read aaron russo, the illegality of the fed and the federal income tax, the nutjob from austin who heckles the bilderburg people, loose change, money as debt, this wraps everything up in a relatively neat ball and serves it up. freakin' brilliant. makes oliver stone look pretty hackish in comparison -- of course there is no joe pesci in this -- so oliver has that going for him.

anyways, the 1st version is here:

and the "addendum" can be found here:

if there are any criticisms i can level it is this:

a little too much crap at the front end of both that might disuade the casual viewer...give each of them 10 minutes to get started (or fast forward if you have to).

and, the second part of the addendum is a little too focused on some group offering the "solution" to all this with some real crack smoke ideas about society without profit motive being enabled by "technology" if we'd just stop manufacturing scarcity where everyone is freed up to do deep thinking and (i guess) nearly all crime melts away as an evil learned behaviour and not something inherent in man. apparently we'll all be living in space agy houses that look vaguely like the sydney opera house as well and scooting around on floating train tracks that i guess were made for the good of man by fellow men with no profit motive and no state intervention (?)

anyways. that aside, the other 3:00 hours is just simply outstanding. there are even some useful nuggets in the last hour although the pie in the skyers were a little short on substantive details to be taken too seriously (by me).



A-Philosophical said...

Ohh FuBarrio, I thought you were gone for a while. I also saw both Zeitgeist and I am soon to provide some detailed examination about Addendum. I really like it, I agree that in "The Movie" the first 30 mins are no sense for a person not into Organised Religion but for those who believe are important.

I am investigating different sites going for the Zeigeist Project and those who oppose. I will eventually take a decision whether joining or not. I really believe the earth and the planetary consciousness is at very serious stake. We should do something, and the time has come.

You do well with your move.

From Europe. A UY ExPat.


Anonymous said...

" I really believe the earth and the planetary consciousness is at very serious stake."
Hey me too !!!
I think that Fubario will rise from the grave as the antichrist and we'll all have numbers on our forehead. Then he will order us all down to Jekyl Island and we will start a new monetary order.
Screw the FED, we'll call ourselves the FWO...Fubario World Order !!!!!
Anyway, I saw them both. I always knew religion of any kind was bogus. What a great Scam that is.
Is gold about to boom or what? Will it start to go up after this deflation cycle? I buy physical gold as a hedge against inflation if it goes hyper. Worst case scenario...the dollar is worthless but precious metals probably still have value, ie. we all go back to the gold standard.
Do you think the government will confiscate the gold again? If they do, can I just sell it somewhere else as long as it is not a US monetary/minted coin?
I heard a rumor that the Chinese will use their huge reserves to buy up gold. Is there enough gold on the freakin planet for that?
For that matter will Fubario confiscate my gold and silver only offering me a bite in the ass?