Saturday, October 04, 2008

What's On Your Mind?

This is part one of what will probably be a multi-part series regarding what's on my tiny cadre of readers minds.

Every now and again I check out google analytics' stats to see how people stumble on this site -- usually after getting reader emails or commentary that don't know the first thing about Uruguay. I'm curious how someone would find this site since I don't actively promote it.

Here is a list of some things that have been on your mind in the last few days:

Offshore Account in Uruguay

funny how a crisis tends to sharpen the mind huh? well, this one kind of makes sense...i do write about offshore occasionally, and sometimes I even write about Uruguay :) another popular one along that same vein is: bank account in uruguay -- of course this brings up an article where i skewer BROU -- maybe this will disuade a few folks!

Let's see what else our avid readership is searching for on this site:

Ocular Penetration, and in particular the Ocular pentration restriction act
who said this site wasn't informative, huh? I'm not the first person to blog about this, and i don't even show up on the first page of google for this...who is going to the second page, frustrated they didn't get enough ocular penetration information in the first 15 links? who knows?

In addition, one that is rising in the ranks fast:


Oops I guess the sheeple are waking up. I guess it's never too late, right? (wrong). Better late than never though. This is accompanied by lots of variations like: Depression inflation or deflation, and "Depression Deflation", and the ever popular depression vs. deflation

In addition to all the doom and gloomer stuff on my site I also spice it up with some levity with me as the butt of most jokes. In one I concede and claim the title as the worlds worst forex trader and relate some stories of woe

Midnight Forex

As it turns out, people are arriving at my site after searching on midnight forex. Bizarre I thought, so i went and looked in google and apparently there is a site of that name -- and i rank as number one above him. Even more bizarre. His site must be relatively new.


And of course, there are always a few people interested in my country of residence, Uruguay. This is usually expressed as Uruguay Blogs, cost of living uruguay, cost of living montevideo, or uruguay real estate.

Trading terms

Of all the trading crap I've written about probably the most popular reoccuring search that brings visitors to the site (outside of price of gold, inflation, deflation etc.) is the inverted cup and handle, aka reverse cup and handle or cup with handle..what i found funny is that there is actually a guy with a website called :) how much more can you say about it that i said in my posts (?) oh well.

And then there's these...

And then, there are things that I happen to title a post as just because I thought it was cute, or referenced some genx pop-culture. like Eddie Murphy's Grandma from his "it's cold....what time is it?" routine....and barber barber shave a pig...probably by some poor preschool teacher researching nursery rhymes, only to be assaulted with my random musings on the precious metals markets in 2006.

Florianopolis Women

In addition there seems to be an incredible demand for "information" on Florianopolis Women -- because I say almost nothing about them in a random post on our trip to Floria last year and I still get tons of searches landing on my site looking for pictures of brazilian women no doubt. sorry to disappoint.

And Last but not Least

and of course, there is the occasional search for fubarrio or fu barrio -- which suprisingly enough manages to find me. ;) Who'd of figured that a blind bald failed trader dog would become more popular in death than in life?


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Anonymous said...

hi there, nice to see an estadunidense viviendo in Uruguay,
me gusta mucho tu sitio,

aparte veo que tradeas el SP?


me gustaria intercambiar ideas sobre Uruguay y Trading... si te parece...

desde ya muchas gracias

Nestor Suarez