Friday, September 12, 2008

Where was I? Oh yeah, Cuzco, Peru

Ok...back to the Peru trip.

We were slated to stay in Cuzco, Peru for a day and a half before taking off on the next leg of our journey.

It's really a funky city and unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood for taking the "city tour" and didn't bring my camera the few times we went out. There really were some spectacular cathedrals and squares in the town as well as a historical society that keeps vast portions of it "authentic" looking. We even found a legit vegetarian restaurant near the plaza de armas -- which is pretty rare for much of south america.

In addition, there is just a natural tendancy not to paint large portions of it that give the entire city in the outskirts the look of "mud" (the color of the locally produced bricks used for building)

Aside from the amazing historical arch, and the new-ager and backpacker tourists, the locals were kind of interesting....the more "indigenous" locals would carry their babies wrapped in handwoven multi-colored blankets (often on their backs) and often with peruvian skull-caps with ear flaps -- the kind of hat that landing in the north american snow skiiing and snow-boarding scene in the mid-late 80's

Since I didn't have my camera out in cuzco a whole lot, I pulled down some pictures off the web to give you a flavor. Enjoy. Don't worry, I brought my camera out on the next leg.


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