Friday, September 05, 2008

Peruvian GOLD

GOLD!, I say....

although i've been a littel lukewarm for the yellow metal as a speculation recently. that's pretty much just the charts being an utter disaster.


...being in the actual physical presence of gold got my fever going. It turns out, that upscale mall had an exposition they were putting on -- on loan from the national museum -- of peruvian gold crafted by the Incas.

we paid a couple of bucks and put on some headphones -- English was available it turns out. For the next 45 minutes or so we were treated to a lecture on the Incan way of life, their uses for precious metals, their fabrication techniques, the status they conveyed, etc. etc. etc.
.... i didn't really retain any of it. i just remember they had GOLD! :)
artifacts and stuff.
the pics we had to take with out little digital with the flash off. this of course, necessitates walking up to the GOLD and taking a picture without your paws twitching -- while the shutter is open long enough to get adequate exposure -- or whatever digital cameras call 'exposure'. anyhow, i was all in a twitter with all that gold, so the pics that came out without any blur were mostly taken by Golden Lotus while my eyes turned into little swirls, like in 70's cartoons.
it was pretty spectacular -- especially near the end where they displayed some guy's previously "private" collection.
The incans liked to put compounds on the gold to change the color -- (what were they thinking?) so at times the "booyah" "gold fever" effect that you get when you see, for instance, the king tut exhibit, isn't there, but there are some fabulous pieces nonetheless.
obviously, the photos barely do these things justice and it's hard to capture scale at times -- but enjoy nonetheless.

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