Saturday, March 15, 2008

You're FIRED - Finance Insurance Real Estate

FIRE, which is some acronym that stands for Finance (loans), Insurance & Real Estate -- the heart of the "service economy" I guess....Apparently, the only place where regular Amercans were making any money least until things cracked up.

Well, remember when I said that there was a good chance that fubarrio would cease to exist and would descend into an oozing cesspool of commercialism?

Well, even from blatant commercialism there is something to be learned.

What's that you say?

Well, apparently, some member of the finance (loans) and insurance industries have figured out that paying for links on subject matter blogs like this one can enhance their search engine placements in what would otherwise be insanely expensive spaces to compete.

I got an email from a gal out of the UK that apparently shakes an stirs the blog universe a couple of times looking for blogs that actually have enough sway where they can actually (slowly) effect the rankings for the sites on google (among other search engines).

The other thing they've figured out is that balding dogs with bad breath and crooked teeth can be had for pennies on the pound sterling.

She pays a couple of "quid' a month for a link and probably charges the company she's placing it for considerably more -- (hooray intermediaries)

Well, as it turns out -- another free internet marketing tip from your uncle fubarrio -- if you place a link with anchor text in a DEEP link (meaning deep within some content that seems to fit what it is the link is going to) it tends to perform much better.

While they didn't really ask for my to create a blog post about loans or insurance, I decided to anyways as a freebie sendoff for my commercial actually make money with this internet thing? I'll have to look into that.

Anyhow, you know my personal opinion on debt by now. It's a giant ponzi scheme that is bound to be the end of us all.

Insurance i haven't talked a lot about.

I remember when I was a younger pup at the UW I was studying finance. I had delusional dreams of becoming an investment banker after spending some time as an analyst for Fidelity. Little did I know that the titans of wall street were more likely to hire a shoe shine boy outside the floor of one of the exchanges than to hire out of an unheard of pac-10 university.

I remember i went in to talk to the college career counselor (this university has something like 35k students). She said in the entire time she'd been there (10 years) she only knew of one person who had graduated from UW and went to work on wall street (!)

In the late nineties I knew of at least one other, but it was as struggle for him....he was making 35,000/year in Manhatten! He was working crazy hours as an anlyst for some "fourth tier" investment bank :) He gradually worked his way up to one of the more respected banks before bailing to get his MBA and a more relaxing lifestyle in Intel's Treasury Department.

Ok, well, if this deep link doesn't give someone's website a boost....I don't know what will....

Be informed about your life insurance Hey, I mean, that sounds like good advice right? I always likened the life insurance folks to casino types's like...hey, if this is such a great deal, how did you pay for such a huge building?

Loans to get your finances in shape. This link I have to say is almost oxymoronic....

If you want to get your finances in shape...stop taking out loans! Maybe they are gonna tell you that they can consolidate your credit cards, etc etc etc. I dunno. Call me a ludite, or a neo fundamentalist or something, but giving loans to americans is kinda like giving whisky to the indians....or keyboards to the English.


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