Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paloma, Uruguay

Tried to drive out to Punta Del Diablo the other day and just gave up after several hours on the road and starting to lose the sun.

We cut about an hour off the trip by going to Paloma instead.

interesting little town with an amazing number of restaurants. It must be very busy with tourists during the "season". Right now we are sort of in the "shoulder season" and it didn't seem nearly as busy. i'm curious how many of those restaurants are open in the winter as well.

So, obviously they have a beach. The sand isn't great quality though compared to lots of other beaches in Uruguay, although it is wide and flat. Good for beach soccer....
The "ladies" (midori and golden lotus) enjoyed the waves and playing "fetch" (aka keepaway) in the sand. fubarrio, hid from the sun under an umbrella most of the afternoon.


A-Philosophical said...

I love Rocha county. I spent quite many summer vacations there. The waves are just the best of the best!

Regards from explosive Valencia

Chris G said...

What do you suppose a gringo could do for work in an area like that? Bag groceries? Dance for coins? :)