Sunday, December 16, 2007

Parque Rodo Beach

We took an interesting walk through parque rodo this morning. There was an amazing amount of activity from the top of the park, all the way down to the beach.

A flea market with holiday (prechristmas?) shoppers took up a huge swath of the middle of the park.

Down closer to the water, there were mate sippers, dog walkers,

snoozing old men, and little kids everywhere.

In addition, there were about 50 adults taking part in some Tai Chi direction in the shadow of the Confucious statue....

while techno music pumped out over the lower part of the park from the "W" lounge (who in the heck is listening to techno in a club at 10:30a.m.? :))

We eventually crossed the riverside road and down to the boardwalk and beach. At one of the staircases i noticed a sign that said "animals not allowed". fuBarrio ignored this notice, as did golden lotus and midori (our lab puppy) after seeing a couple of dogs playing in the water and the lifeguard looking on passively.

Midori and Golden Lotus navigated past the girls playing volleyball,

the men playing soccer (futbol) and the sunbathers....... down to the river at low tide, and into the river water. Golden Lotus reported that the water was "quite warm".

Pictures take a while to upload, but over the course of the next few days I'll try to upload a few more here so you can get a flavor for the beautiful day.


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Anonymous said...

Wow... great pictures in a lovely day. What else can you expect from life?