Monday, December 17, 2007

Blogs About Uruguay

Tired of reading the same lame crap in the my Blog About Uruguay?

Here is a semi-complete list of Blogs about Uruguay from other points of view:

A Cup of Mate a Day...:
A Girl And Guy In Uruguay:
A Maverick's Odyssey:
A Year In Uruguay:
Alyssa In Uruguay:
Amargo y Dulce:
Beneath the Southern Cross...A Family's Adventures in Uruguay:
Christopher's Tales:
Coastal Uruguay:
Dustin Goes To Uruguay:
El Diablo Tranquilo Comes Together:
Elli's Story:
From Uruguay:
Las Alas del Alba:
Latitude -30º -35ºS MVD - UY:
Laurin In Uruguay:
Learning Uruguay:
Lessons @ UY:
Living In Montevideo:
Place No Limits:
The Beautiful Changes:
The Latin Americanist:
The Seven C's:
This Is Uruguay:
Uruguay Adventure:
Uruguay Blog:
Uruguay Dreaming:
Uruguay Guy:
Uruguay Living:
Uruguay News Blog:
Uruguay News and Views:
Uruguay's Wildlife & Natural Sanctuaries:
Viviendo en Uruguay:
Waiting on the Master:
Zest for Life:
and, just added, Teckno Yanqui

List compiled by Thorn and folks at sociedadsouthron, uruguay forums



A-Philosophical said...

Hey FuBarrio,

I want to thank you a lot for all these links you provided. I found very interesting sites indeed. I have not been able to get a hold of you - I have you in the queue up list. By the way do you MSN or Skype??

Have a very good year

Send my regards to Golden Lotus

From Valencia Moon


fuBarrio said...

hey, duh...

the first real uruguayan's blog (in english) i ever found from my friend at

jp was in the states and last i saw on his blog spain (?@?@)

A-Philosophical said...

This is, I guess, the first blog about UY