Friday, October 05, 2007

Uruguay Directory

I've been doing a lot of "work" lately of dubious financial value..... I've been wasting a lot of nights studying different content management systems, creating sites of possible societal value (at least for expats living in Uruguay).

I remember shaking my head at my friend "IBMikey" as he descended down the rabbit hole trying to figure out Joomla to launch his site Now, I'm starting to understand how he felt. I thankfully left behind this web stuff a LOOOONG time ago. Trying to push the last 7 years into a few months is getting a little overwhelming...however, we have had some small successes...

One of the latest sites that we launched is a Montevideo Uruguay Directory.

The idea is to give those people who have something to post of a commercial nature, a place to do it, instead of getting into fights over content that lives in the free forum.

It was sort of done one a budget (meaning NO budget) so we ended up using the PHP Bulletin Board software that is freeware. LUCKILY, we have a kindred spirit in the states that helped us set it up...I won't use his name here cuz he's a little sensitive about it (i think) but it's the same dude that made the sketch of my first fuBarrio gold coin.

In that vein, check it out and keep the heckling to a minimum. If someone knows of some sort of "craigslist-esque" open source software let me know. That could be the way we go for version 2. Once we've done enough "real" work to pay for all this distraction! :)


p.s. click here to check out the Uruguay Directory

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Anonymous said...

When people hear that you do work for free, it is best not to publish your name. -- enzo (whoops)