Saturday, March 10, 2007

San Leandro, CA calling....

...Ok, so google has this feature in their "analytics" suite that tells you where all the people who are visiting your site are coming from.

lo-and-behold, i've added my FOURTH reader (well, technically it's still my third because i lost one) in San Leandro, CA.

Now, I do have an aunt and uncle in S.L., but outside of that, I don't think I actually know anyone else there anymore. The pathetic thing is, I was a property owner and lived there for two those tight-knit US suburbs! :)

Technically, I did know some people there, but the young people were all so busy climbing the "property ladder" and trying to move to "more desirable" (more outrageously expensive) neighborhoods, that they've all since left.

Anyhow, sorry for another in a string of OT posts, but if it's my aunt and/or uncle (or cousins) drop me a line for pete's sake and stop kibitzing (info at fubarrio dot com). If it's someone else from the former fubarrio stomping grounds, send and email or comment and let us know what's happening.

I'd be especially interested to know if anyone's realized that the homes in the "flats" aren't worth 800k yet. :)


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