Sunday, March 18, 2007

fuBarrio Makes Drunken Proclamation

In and of itself that isn't really a headline.

However, at last night's St.Patrick's day get-together at the Southron's lair fuBarrio made a proclamation with a certainty only possessed by those with an overabundance of liquid courage. In this case the backbone came courtesy of an oversupply of green Patricia (Uruguayan beer).

Although my memory is hazy as to what exactly fuBarrio said, it sounded something like, "I will stake my LIFE to Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination."

Of course, this in and of itself isn't that bold of an announcement -- except for the whole 'staking one's life' part :)

However, at the time I was arguing with someone that thought that Hillary's campaign was coming under heat because of her stance on the war or something. Of course, not being burdened by reading (or watching) US news that doesn't come from non-traditional conspiracy nuts' websites I'm not burdened by any of the recent "facts" maybe her campaign actually *is* in trouble :) No idea.

The side effect of being so "uninformed" has allowed fuBarrio to see with relative clarity events set to transpire over a longer time frame. While staking my life on her nomination seems a bit much, I'm willing to back up my words (kind of) and stake fuBarrio's life on it.

If Hillary Clinton doesn't win the nomination (and it isn't because of her or an immediate family member's death making her quit) I will lock away my irrepressible alter ego 'fuBarrio' and not allow his crazy rantings to be heard by the public at large..thus, effectively "killing" off his colorful online personna.

While I realize it would be strange that someone so unliked would become the first female nominee to head the Democratic ticket, I have THAT MUCH FAITH in the Clinton political machine.

Now, to the prospective candidates in the Democratic election: may the best Dragon-Lady-Sneaky-"cattle futures trading"-Untrustworthy-Pandering-Finger-in-the-wind-Playing-to-the-media-Candidate win!


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