Monday, August 28, 2006

Getting to Montevideo

So, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the cost of actually *getting to* Montevideo, and since the "visiting lamp is lit" there may be some of you who are actually toying with the idea.

Unfortunately, in this regard, you have to be a pretty committed! --- or rich in cash, frequent flyer miles, or have ridealong priveledges with the merchant marines....

United seems to hub out of D.C. for west coast U.S. flights to Argentina....Delta, ATL of course, Continental (they're still in biz??) Houston.

I've found some search engines that will publish every listed fare for a given couple of cities, but the best fare I found wasn't "published". It was on and it was one of their fares for resale.

sample fares for seatac to buenos aires (eze). a small hop < 100 or a ferry would be necessary both ways for roundtrip travel to montevideo:

northwest and united r/t oct 15-27th:
Adult: $653.00 + tax + service fee (Published Fare)

air canada roundtrip nov 15th-27th:
Adult: $800.00 + tax (Gateway Exclusive Fare)

air canada roundtrip dec 15th - 27th:
Adult: $895.00 + tax (Gateway Exclusive Fare)

air canada r/t jan15th -27th:
Adult: $825.00 + tax (Gateway Exclusive Fare)

i didnt bother jiggering with dates to avoid expensive general the prices get steeper as the weather gets nicer down here.

all for now.

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