Monday, August 21, 2006

Big First Week Part 0.5

Not sure if it would be seen if i just edited the original entry, but here is a snippet from it:

"Our first stop was "arman suites" on a popular road for shopping, eating, (and also apparently construction, demolition, sawing down trees, accidents, beeping horns, loud diesel engines, etc. :) "

What I didn't get a chance to flush out was the, "etc."

One of the more charming things in the country are the garbage collectors. The garbage collectors are horse drawn carriages -- well, ok -- not carriages -- crap wagons, is more apt.

However, late into the night the silence on the street would be broken by the "clip clop, clip clop" of a horses shoed hooves on pavement. These guys are everywhere. If/when u come, u won't have to go more than 10 or 15 minutes before spying one.

Pretty cool.


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